Higher Ground Core Wealth Fund

The Higher Ground Core Wealth Fund has, for 71⁄2 years, fulfilled the wealth management needs of its founder and a small group of outside investors. Central and Eastern Europe has been the backbone of the portfolio. Until recently, technology and special situations were less available in CEE so were added from outside the region. Now, CEE has its share of interesting technology stories and the markets there are active enough to present special situations. There is a level of transparency and professionalism in CEE that allows us to concentrate the fund there. From the start of 2017, the Core Wealth Fund will be substantially fully invested in transitioning formerly communist countries.

Looking back, our idea generation in CEE markets has been very good. This presentation examines that historical record and the human elements, which produced those returns over the past 71⁄2 years.

What We Have Done for 71⁄2 Years

Higher Ground produces long-term asset growth.

We search for misunderstood value opportunities predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Diversification across CEE provides stability. Tech and special situations outside that region added growth.

The result has been a balanced and ungeared portfolio of equities, bonds, and quoted real estate.

All our investments trade on a quoted market.

Where We Come From

The principals and largest investors in the fund worked together for many years at Wood & Company; the Prague-based investment bank. Richard Wood founded the firm in 1991 and Vladimír Jaroš currently serves as its CEO. The firm’s reputation and understanding of opportunities in Europe’s new market economies make it an important ally for our fund.