What We Do

Higher Ground produces long-term asset growth in transition economies.

The Core Wealth Fund searches for misunderstood value opportunities predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe.

We favour Poland, Czech, Austria and Romania but also have invested in Ukraine and Slovenia. We look at the rest of Eastern Europe but have no experience in Russia, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

The result is a balanced and ungeared portfolio of equities and bonds in countries where there is a clear catalyst for growth and falling risk.

The Antillean Fund invests only in Cuba.

We invest in short term trade receivables owed by Cuban importers and banks.

We earn good yields while providing a service to Cuba’s foreign trade and keeping an eye on opportunities from further transition.

Where We Come From

We were very active in the early changes in Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990’s.  We remain committed and active investors there.  Should real change ever occur in Cuba, we believe that knowledge will serve us well.

Where We Invest