The Investment Committee does not deem sustainability risks to be relevant to the Company and consequently does not make investments decisions in respect of the Company based on sustainability risks and does not consider the adverse impacts of sustainability factors on the returns it offers to its Shareholders as this does not fit in with any of the current investment strategies of the sub-fund of the Company. The classification of the Sub-Fund as an Article 6 Fund means that the Sub-Fund does not promote environmental or social characteristics in a way that meets the specific criteria contained in Article 8 of SFDR or has sustainable investment as its objective in a way that meets the specific criteria contained in Article 9 of SFDR. Consequently, each Sub-Fund that is classified as an Article 6 Fund shall not be expected to pursue an investment approach that explicitly promotes environmental or social characteristics or to have sustainable investment as its objective. Accordingly, the investments underlying the Sub-Fund do not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities. The consideration of sustainability risks and opportunities, when applied, may have a material impact on long-term returns for Shareholders. The Investment Committee might consider the sustainability factors at a future stage.